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See our subscription offers below!

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Every issue of Teach Secondary features outstanding advice, inspiration, and comments from some of the most innovative educational thinkers and practitioners around. Teach Secondary highlights examples of best practice, puts new products through their paces, and provides a regular collection of edgy and original lesson plans that can be adapted for any classroom.


Teach Secondary is a real must-read for teachers. Every month it harnesses a diverse array of expert articles and covers an ambitious range of topics that always has me learning and coming back for more.'

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Teaching our students to be more creative is essential if we’re going to give them the skills they need to navigate their way through life successfully… or is it? David Didau

A message from the Editor, Helen Mulley

The world of education is fast-moving and high-pressured; everyone has an opinion, and no one can deny that what happens in schools is incredibly important, for students, communities and indeed, our nation’s future. Expectations of teachers have arguably never been higher; yet at the same time, the status of the profession is somehow strangely undervalued. At Teach Secondary, our aim is to try and counter this by focusing on respect and celebration. Sharp, relevant contributions from some of the most innovative and credible educational thinkers and practitioners around encourage challenge and debate; and real voices from actual classrooms ensure that effective teaching and learning is always the main mission, with sharing best practice a top priority."